League Rules


1.1 Team Name

Every team must have a NHL Team name, no exceptions. Its way easier to remember who’s who when team names are used… i.e. Canucks, Maple Leafs, Capitals, and Rangers

1.2 League Fees

League fees are $75 CAD (payable by interac).  This must be received before the prospect draft in order to play next season

1.3 Team Specifics

Pro Roster Size: 20
Pro Roster Positions: 3 C, 6 W, 4 D, 2 G, 5 Bench, 2 IR+, 1 IR
Farm Roster: 7
Line up Changes: Daily
Waiver Time: 2 Days
Min Goalie Games Per Week: 3

1.4 Statistical Categories (Forwards/Defensemen)

Goals, Assists, Points, Plus/Minus, Power play Points, Shots on Goal, Blocked Shots, Hits

1.5 Statistical Categories (Goalies)

Wins, Goals against Average, Save Percentage, Saves

1.6 Waiver Moves Per Week

To help eliminate the waiver wire being used as an extended bench, each team is limited to 2 waiver moves per week.  More details of the Waiver Wire are below (#5).

1.7 Roster Protection (Keepers)

- Each team protects their Full ACTIVE team of 20 Players.

- Only 3 goalies can be protected on your Pro Team (but you can have as many as you want on your final roster, after the drafts)

- IR and IR+ cant be used.

- Each team also protects 7 Farm players, no position stipulations, see #3 for farm qualifications below.

*This helps the availability of goalies by putting some back in the waiver draft available to all teams.

1.8 Team Competition

Every team must activate their most competitive roster throughout the season. If you are continuously failing to set your roster you risk losing your spot in the league 

1.9 Cycling

The 2 moves per week all but eliminates this issue.  We cant fault a GM for being more involved when everyone has the exact same options. 



2.1 Playoff Format (P=Playoff Round, C= Consolation)

Round 1*

P1: #1 seed vs. bye (no game)
P2: #4 seed vs. #5 seed
P3: #3 seed vs. #6 seed
P4: #2 seed vs. bye (no game)

Round 2*

P5: #1 seed vs. Winner P2
P6: #2 seed vs. Winner P3
Fifth Place: Loser P2 vs. Loser P3
C1: #7 seed vs. #10 seed
C2: #8 seed vs. #9 seed

Round 3*

Championship: Winner P5 vs. Winner P6
3rd Place: Loser P5 vs. Loser P6
7th Place: Winner C1 vs. Winner C2
9th Place: Loser C1 vs. Loser C2

2.2 League Prizes

10 members x $75 = $750 pot. 
Regular Season*

1st Place: 1st round bye
2nd Place: 1st round bye


Champion: $400
Runner up: $250
3rd Place: $100


Champion: 1st overall Prospect Pick
Runner up: 2nd overall Prospect Pick
3rd Place: 3rd overall Prospect Pick
4th Place: 4th overall Prospect Pick
*based on overall league standings



3.1 Pro Team Qualifications

- Players must be on an NHL team

- You can have whatever number of players per position you feel helps you compete the best as long as the player(s) are active on a NHL team (or on IR), there is no min or max for positions on your roster. 

Players listed on NA can only remain on your team if its due to suspension as they are still technically on an NHL team and therefore qualify.  If the player has been cut from his NHL team and is not eligible for your farm (see below), you need to drop him. 

3.2 Farm Team Qualifications

Each team can have 7 farm players in addition to their 20 keepers, players who meet the following critera are eligible:
- Skaters: Have played in 100 career games or less in the NHL before the start of the current season.
- Goalies: Have played in 50 career games or less in the NHL before the start of the current season.



4.1 Regular Season Trading

- Teams can trade as they wish during the regular season, up until the trade deadline (TBD each year)
- Regular season trades are done using the yahoo system and ALSO to be posted in the league forum under COMPLETED TRADES, this is to keep a history of trades.
4.2 Offseason Trading

- Offseason trades are simply posted in the forum under COMPLETED TRADES
- Teams can start trading once their league fees have been paid for the next season



5.1 Regular Season Trading

- To help eliminate the waiver wire being used as an extended bench, each team is limited to 2 waiver moves per week.

- Waiver wire is open to all teams for the full season, including playoffs. This is to ensure that all players that are dropped to waivers are available to all teams and not just those team getting into and/or further in the playoffs.

- To start each season, the starting Waiver Wire Priority will be the same as the 1st round of that seasons waiver draft (excluding traded picks).
5.2 Adding a Player with a Waiver Hold Straight to Farm 

this is only for players dropped from a pro team who show a waiver hold on yahoo, players dropped from a farm team do not have any hold and can be picked up immediately
put in a waiver claim through yahoo (as you normally would) selecting a player to drop (this "drop" will be only temporary)
email or PM me that you have done this so I know that if you win the waiver pickup I will add the dropped player back to your team (and put the new player on your farm)



6.1 Farm Player Transactions

- When adding/dropping farm players please post it in the RECENT MESSAGES on Yahoo (Post New Topic) so no one will pick up your add/drop.
- Farm players can be moved to the active roster and back to the farm at any time during the season. When a farm player moves to the active roster, the GM will have to drop another player from the active roster to make room

- If you move a player up to your NHL team, leaving you with 1 open spot (out of 7), you can replace that player on the farm with anyone who is farm eligible from the waiver wire (making sure nobody already has that player)

- Farm players can only be on the starting roster if they are playing in the NHL. If a farm player is on your starting roster and is sent down to the minors in the real NHL, you must drop the player and sign another (from waivers) or send that player down to the farm. 
6.2 Protected Farm Player Free Agents

In accordance with the above rule, some farm players that are protected will be show as free agents on the Waiver Wire. No GM will be able to sign another GM's farm player as a free agent. When in doubt, refer to the Yahoo Group page to confirm if another GM has the rights to the player.



7.1 Prospect/Waiver Pick Trades

- Only Prospect/Waivers Picks from the 2 upcoming drafts can be traded.
- All Prospect picks can be traded (we do 2 rounds)
- All Waiver picks can be traded (we do 3 rounds)
7.2 Prospect Draft Eligibility

- Players in the current NHL entry draft are available in the upcoming prospect draft
- Players under 100/50 games (skaters/goalies) not currently listed on any pro or farm team (end of previous season rosters, before protection) are available in the upcoming prospect draft
7.3 Waiver Draft Eligibility

- All players that are not protected will be available in the upcoming waiver draft
- All players not on any farm teams are available in the upcoming waiver draft (including any players not selected in the prospect draft)
7.4 Players Lost to the KHL

See the thread on this here https://inthecrease.ca/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5
7.5 Draft Types

Prospect draft begins early August. Waiver Draft will begin in September 
7.6 Draft Order

Prospect Draft (regular format): will be the results of the Consolation Playoffs (Winner picking #1, see LEAGUE PRIZES above). The remaining teams filling in the order from worst to best from regular season (team finishing 1st in the league gets last pick)
The Waiver Draft (snake format): will be the order of the final standings with 10th place picking first and 1st place picking 10th.